Athene Artemisia


Athene or Athena is a Greek goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration and the arts. She is often said to have had “bright eyes”, which is thought to be the reason why she shares the same root word with the owl. Athene is often depicted with an owl, both of them seeing through the dark and bringing wisdom and guidance to those who ask. Artemis is the goddess of the wild lands, reminding us of our animal origins, and of our hunters instincts. Together they can help us see and remember our true natures and bring them forward into this new technological dawn

This will come shipped as a stretched canvas, straight to your home. The canvas is printed on archival ph-neutral canvas printed with water-based inks to yield the maximum color saturation and longevity available today.

*The first image is of the stretched canvas, the second of the 11×17 print


Please allow 2-3 weeks for printing and delivery.


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